Quick Review LEPIN 05043 – R2-D2 (UCS)

This is the LEPIN 05043 – R2-D2 (UCS) Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Marco Schmid at Germany.


Copy of Chinese brand LEPIN, model of LEGO 10225.
With its 2127 pieces, it achieves a model that is almost exactly the original one. LEGO, both in touch and in the click, except the R2-D2 minifigures that come with offset printing.

The colors are the same as the LEGO model.

1×1 round plate (6141) were all gray, and 4 1×1 dark blue tile whit groove (3070)was missing.

All other parts were in correct color and amount. So more than 40 spare parts. Very fun and really good made.


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